TWO Northgate Avenue ASK House Business Centre & Tech Hub

All Services Included

The monthly service charge includes all of the following fixed services so you have everything you need to start working as soon as you move in:


• Super High Speed Fibre 1Gb ISP Level Internet on your own IP address *

• Weekly Suite Cleaning

• Parking **

• Furnished with Desks & Chairs

• Shared Kitchen

• Electricity

• Heating

• Water

• Electronic Key Fob Building Access 24/7

• Visitor Intercom into your Suite

• Fire Extinguishers & Fire Alarm System

• Air Conditioning

• Optional Telephony and 01284 numbers ***

• Voicemail ***


* The building has a 1Gb ISP level fibre Internet Circuit installed that each Tenant has access to via their own managed Wireless Router in their Suite on their own static IP address that we setup and manage behind our firewall.


** There are 28 spaces available in our on site car park on a first come first serve basis, and each tenant is allowed a finite amount of cars in it at any one time so it is fair to all tenants.


*** If you choose use our building's telephone system we can allocate you as many numbers, extensions, mobile apps and voicemail boxes as you need. You can port your existing number over to it for a transfer fee. You pay a small monthly fee per extension (free setup and installation and handsets are included) and either pay for outgoing calls or receive free UK calls depending on the monthly plan you choose with us.


Unlike many other centres we have no hidden charges.


We rent you your office on a simple low cost monthly rental fee that is fixed for the duration of your contract or lease.


In addition to the rent we charge a monthly Service Charge to cover items like electricity, heating, cleaning, air conditioning and High Speed Internet.


This is fixed for 12 months and advised 3 months before the next year's charges commence, which we guarantee will not increase by more than 5% (and has remained the same the last 4 years).


Because you pay a fixed price every month, the only other charges you can incur are for metered reception services that you have used at our business centre such as photocopies made on our shared copier, franked postage, meeting room hire or telephony.


Our simple office solution allows you to eliminate high set-up costs and save time by benefitting from our business centre & tech hub community shared overheads that are charged in the monthly service charge fee.

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