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Completely Flexible Rental Terms

We provide our office suites, counselling and therapy rooms with complete flexiblity to suit your business needs.


So as well as the option of telephony, desks and operator chairs at no additional cost, you can choose a rental period that suits your needs and your business.


Our minimum term is just a 3 month rolling contract. We have a company still with us that moved into a 4 person office here on a 3 month rolling contract back in 2004, so it gives you the flexibility to just provide 3 month's notice should your business circumstances change. We hope of course that even on this short term license you, like them, will still be with us 17 years later!


The most popular rental agreement with us is a 1 year lease. This does commit you to a 1 year term, but the benefit to you is the rent remains fixed for the period of your lease.


We also offer 2 year, 3 year and 5 year lease agreements. The longer you sign up for the lower the monthly rent, and very importantly the monthly rent is fixed for the period you sign up for. However, you are also legally committed to pay that rent until the end of your contract, so that is why most sole traders and small companies just sign up for a year.


We believe our office license or fixed term lease contract is very fair to both us and yourselves, and nobody has complained about it in the 2 decades we have been renting ofices from ASK House. We are of course very happy to provide a copy of it for you to look at on request after viewing the office or offices you are interested in.


We can produce and sign a contract the same day for you, all we require is a month's rent and service charge in advance and a refundable security deposit equivalent to 3 month's combined non discounted rent and service charge.


So you can move in and start trading within 24 hours if necessary from one of our furnished offices with ISP level fibre High Speed Internet, telephones, air conditioning, cleaning, electronic key fob entry ALL included and setup.


Please contact us for further information.

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