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Counselling & Therapy Room Hire

We have been providing Counselling and Therapy Rooms at our Business Centre since 2012.


For Counsellors and Therapists just starting out you can rent one of our Standard Counselling and Therapy Rooms by the hour.


Then when once you have an established client base you can take a room of your own which works out better financially for you.


There is Visitor Car Parking for your clients and a Waiting Area by Reception.

And if you want to run Group Sessions we have a Large Professional Meeting room that can accommodate up to 20 people perfect for this that is often used by a Training Company to run weekly courses as well as for a School Tutoring classroom.


We charge just £8 per hour for a Standard Counselling & Therapy Room, that can accommodate up to 4 people. Our Large Meeting Room is £15 per hour or £50 per day.


And if you buy 10 credits for £70 the price reduces to £7 per hour for a Standard Counselling & Therapy Room, and we can also provide you a building electronic key fob (for a £15 deposit) so you can use a room in the evenings and at the weekend. You have 12 months to use your credits.


And the price of our Large Meeting Room reduces to £45 per day for our large if for instance you want to run a course or weekly group session.


Please contact us for further information.

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